Westenergy refines waste into heat, electricity and recovered materials.

Westenergys annual report has been published

Year 2019 was eventful and successful year for Westenergy. The installation of the flue gas scrubber was successful and the projects in circular economy progressed. Furthermore, the district heat production at the plant reached a record amount.

Development in the waste and energy sectors has been very fast especially over the last decade, and it seems that the pace is only quickening in the future. A strong drive towards zero-emissions directs the development of both industries. Developing the core business of the company as well as the wider ecosystem of circular economy are Westenergy’s strategic aims. Our main goal is to be a carbon-neutral energy producer by 2030 and in addition, we, as company and as engine of this ecosystem, want to be a leading material sorter and pioneer of closed loops. Our projects in circular economy take goals into practice.

Year 2019 was a successful one for both the projects and for the production as a record amount of district heat was produced in Westenergy’s WtE plant (379 gigawatt-hours).The installation of the flue gas scrubber brought remarkable challenges especially to the service stop but we were still able to produce more energy than ever before during the plant’s eight-year history.

Read more of the year 2019 at Westenergy from our annual report which is available in our Document Gallery.