Book a visit to the WtE plant

Come and learn what circular economy is all about.

A visit to a Waste-to-Energy plant is a good way to see what circular economy is all about. During a visit, you get information about Westenergy as a company and are able to experience the every-day life at the plant.

Welcome to Westenergy!

We want to give everyone interested in Westenergy and in energy recovery an opportunity to get to know us. Visits to Westenergy are, therefore, free of charge and we are happy to receive every guest. Visits are planned so that the group’s wishes and background are taken into account so whether it is a daycare group, school class, hobby club or company visitors, we’re happy to tell you about waste-to-energy and circular economy. Visits can be carried out in Finnish, Swedish and English.

A visit to Westenergy consists of two parts: company presentation and plant tour. During the company presentation in our auditorium the guests get to know Westenergy’s operations as well as the benefits and challenges of waste-to-energy. During the plant tour the visitors get to see how it looks like inside the waste-to-energy plant and get to take a peek, for instance, to the control room and the plant’s furnace.

When booking a visit to the plant, please note that it is recommended to book 1,5 – 2 hours for the visit. Please inform us about any details regarding your group so that we are able to plan a visit that best suits your group.

The maximum amount of visitors per group is 25 persons due to safety reasons.

Visit instructions

More infromation on the visits can be found  from our visit instructions.

Download  suitable visit instructions for your group from the links below. The document opens in the same window.

Visit instructions in Finnish

Visit instructions in Swedish