Goal-oriented mindset and continuous development are of key importance in our organisation.



Westenergy’s management systems combines quality, environment and health & safety systems into one functional system. With the help of our management system, we aim at unifying work methods, improve the overall quality in our processes, control environmental factors and develop health and safety in our organisation.

Westenergy’s management system was certified to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 (previously OHSAS 18001) standards in 2015.


Westenergy Ltd offers waste treatment service solely to the owner companies. We are committed to continuously improve and develop the quality and cost-efficiency of our operations.

We acknowledge the environmental aspects of our operation and risks related to work and workplace. We use this information to develop our processes and the health and safety of the personnel as well as prevent stress on the environment.

We observe the law, regulations and valid contracts in all our operations.

We participate actively in developing the waste-to-energy sector and apply the best practices and technology in our plant.

We require that all our co-operation partners are committed to Westenergy’s quality, environment and occupational health and safety policy.

Our progress in improving quality, environment and occupational health and safety issues is reported to our interest groups mainly in our annual report.



Zero accidents forum is a network of workplaces coordinated by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The aim of the forum is to help the member organisations improve their health and safety and share good practices among the companies. Zero accidents forum grants annually ratings to companies based on their success in developing health and safety issues.

Westenergy Ltd has been granted the highest rating already twice. Westenergy’s safety culture has been determinedly developed, for instance, with the help of so-called safety minutes and safety rounds and by investing in personal protective equipment. As a result of consistent work to improve health and safety, Westenergy has been an accident-free workplace for four years.