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Westenergy ilman tapaturmia jo 4 vuotta

Occupational safety is founded on proactive and practical safety actions. The whole personal at Westenergy has been and is active on improving the work safety, for exampel with safety observations. The determined co-operation has made it possible for Westenergy to achieve the highest classification from the national Zero Accident Forum two years in a row. But the greatest result is that Westenergy has reached now 4th year without accidents.

Foremost, occupational safety is preparation and concrete actions and it is one of cornerstones in Westenergy’s operations. Westenergy’s staff is committed to promoting safety at work. 15-minute occupational safety sessions will always be held with the staff whenever there is a current issue on occupational safety at the plant. Other daily safety development action are safety observations.

Westenergy has been part of the national Zero Accident Forum for several years. The forum is a network of workplaces that aims at continuously improving occupational safety and well-being as well as promoting good practices. The forum granted Westenergy the highest classification On top of the world I in the year 2019 – second year in a row.

The service stops of the plant create special challenges for occupational safety as there are dozens of employees from different companies working at the plant at the same time during the service stop, and most of the work carried out differs significantly from routine tasks. Therefore, everyone working at the plant site goes through safety orientation material. The material is online so the employee can read the safety instructions thoroughly before arriving at the plant site.

All development actions and to encourage personal to make safety observations have raised occupational safety at Westenergy to new level. We can now be proud to say that Westenergy has been without accidents for 4 years on December 2019.