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Westenergy refines waste into heat, electricity and recovered materials.

Westenergy aims at carbon-neutral energy production by 2030

Westenergy has launched a circular economy project in co-operation with the University of Vaasa's research platform in energy and sustainable development, VEBIC. The project aims at identifying the best applicable technology for Westenergy for capturing carbon dioxide and outlines the possibilities for storing and utilising CO2. The Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy has granted a subsidy of 100 000 euros for the first phase of the project.

The city of Vaasa took a so-called energy turnabout when Westenergy’s WtE plant started operation in 2012: the use of fossil fuels in district heat production decreased significantly, and consequently, carbon dioxide emissions have decreased annually by over 100 000 tonnes. Westenergy aims to further improve and develop operation and reduce stress on the environment. “Our goal is to be a carbon-neutral energy producer by 2030. To be able to reach that goal, we need to capture carbon dioxide in the plant’s flue gases and at best, utilise it according to the circular economy model. This year, we start this important task and aim at identifying the best way to capture CO2.”, summarises Managing Director Olli Alhoniemi.


The Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy has granted a subsidy of 100 000 euros for the first phase of the circular economy project which is carried out in co-operation with the University of Vaasa and VEBIC (Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre). The first phase of the project is carried out in 2020 and it aims at identifying the technology for capturing CO2 that is best applicable in Westenergy’s case. Different possibilities for storing and utilising CO2 are also outlined in the project. Additionally, an important part in the first phase of the project is creating networks and identifying different companies operating in the field and technological pioneers with whom it could be possible to carry out the following phases of the project.


Carbon dioxide is a significant green house gas which accelerates climate change. The technology for capturing CO2 has been studied and developed already for decades but so far, the high price of such technological solutions has hindered the widescale capturing of carbon dioxide. “There are interesting projects and pilot studies being carried out in different parts of the world, aiming at developing commercialised, industrial scale technologies for capturing, storing and utilising carbon dioxide. In addition to these pioneers, innovative organisations that are ready to study the actual applicability of different technologies for their own plants, are needed as this will create demand and, thus, markets for the new technologies. In Westenergy’s project, significant work is carried out to identify the technological solutions that could best be applied to waste-to-energy plants, and we are glad to participate in the project.”, states VEBIC’s Project Manager Karita Luokkanen-Rabetino.



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