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18.5. EnergyVaasa Talks: Circular waste-to-energy? - How to refine, integrate and decarbonize

Westenergy arranges a webinar Circular waste-to-energy? – How to refine, integrate and decarbonize as a part of EnergyVaasa Talks-webinar series on May 18 at 10:00 – 11:30 EET.

Globally, we’re at a crucial crossroads in terms of both energy and material use and as a region with global reach and leadership in energy technology, EnergyVaasa is at the forefront.


We must harness the potential of clean, renewable energy at an unprecedented scale, change our wasteful ways of consumption and rethink entire value chains to transition from a society which emits greenhouse gases to one that reuses materials and creates negative emissions. Can waste-to-energy play a sustainable role in this ongoing circular transformation? How can the need for much greater material reutilization, higher energy efficiency and climate change mitigation be harmonized? Will there be a role for waste-to-energy in a truly circular economy?


We welcome you to hear, how the waste-to-energy sector can help all of society to integrate, decarbonize and circularize through new technologies, new value chains and new ways of thinking – and what the prerequisites for success are.


If you want to register to the webinar straight away here is the registration link: registration link
Here you can find a link to the webpage of the webinar: EnergyVaasa Talks: Circular waste-to-energy?


If you want to know of the speakers you can download the info here: EnergyVaasa Talks by Westenergy
Your voice, contribution and co-operation will be crucial in building the sustainable value chains and carbon negative energy ecosystems of the future. Join us to discuss how this transformation will be made – in Finland, in the EU and all over the world!