Westenergy muuntaa polttokelpoisen jätteesi energiaksi, joka valaisee kotisi ja lämmittää talosi.

District heating for the whole Vaasa area from Westenergy

Westenergy is the sole district heat facility running at the moment at Vaasa region. We produce 100 % of the heating needed by the customers of Vaasan Sähkö.

Westenergy produces about a half of the district heating needed by Vaasan Sähkö during winter months. During summer the need of heating, for example, for homes is substantially lower which means that there is less need for heat production. At the beginning of the week another local district heat producer Vaskiluodon Voima ran down their production and the sole heat producer at Vaasa region at the moment is Westenergy. All heat used at the region is now produced with energy recovery!