18.07.2018 Annual report 2017 has been published!

Westenergy's annual report 2017 has now been published and you can read it here.

25.04.2018 Westenergy's occupational safety on world's forefront

Westenergy Oy Ab has been classified at the highest level of occupational safety by the Finnish Zero Accident Forum. There has been zero accidents at Westenergy the last two years. The good and safe work practices made it also possible for Westenergy to reach million tonnes of waste used for energy recovery.

Yearly the Zero Acciden Forum classifies their member workplaces based on the successfull development of occupational healthy. Year 2018 they awarded 78 workplaces with occupational safety classification and Westenergy Oy Ab was one of them. Westenergy has been developing the safety culture aimfully by encouraging personnel to make near miss --reports and safety observation, by arranging safety tours and by investing in safety gear. The consisten work has led to 29 months without accidents. 

Besides the classification Westenergy reach another goal on 19.3.2018 when the amount of waste used for energy recovery reached 1 million tonnes. The first waste incineration was on April 2018 and since then Westenergy has been producing electricity and district heating from combustible, non-recyclable municipal waste. If the same amount of municipal waste had been landfilled it would have produced over 15 oo tonnes methane so far.

28.09.2017 Westenergy's annual maintenance shutdown starts this weekend

The annual maintenance shutdown at Westenergy's waste incineration plant will start incoming Sunday, October 1st. During the following two weeks multiple mainteneace tasks will be performed . These help insure that the plant's performance level is kept at a European top level of standard for the coming winters heating season.

The maintenance work will start on Sunday October 1st, when the plant will be shut down. The maintenance work will take two weeks and during this time there will be about 100 workers from around 30 different companies, from both Finland and abroad, at the plant working alongside Westenergy's own personnel. So during the shut down, apart from Finnish and Swedish, you can also hear both German and Polish being spoken in the long corridors of the plant.

06.06.2017 Annual report availabe in English

Annual report 2016 has now been published in English. You can find it here.

22.03.2017 The plant is again up and running

The plant was shut down during Monday evening (March 20th) due to a malfunction in an amplifier in a reduction valve in the compressed air steering system. The malfunctioning part has now been repaired and the production now continues as normal.

The service shut down was short and laste for only ~30 hours. The waste incineration at the plant started again on Wednesday, March 22d, at 4 AM. 

During the service shutdown the waste transports were led to a temporary storage unit but are now delivered to the plant, as usual.
Plant tours are now also held as normal.

21.03.2017 The Westenergy plant has been shut down briefly

The plant was shut down on Monday 10 pm. The reason is that an amplifier in a reduction valve in the compressed air steering system, a vital organ in the  plant, malfunctioned. 

The compressed air amplifier has been sent away for reparations, which should be finished during today. An alternate solution is to use a similar, but slightly different, spare part, that after adjustments could work just as fine. In order to reach to a solution to the problem as fast as possible, both alternatives are under progress simultaniously.   

During the service shutdown the waste transports will be led to a temporary storage unit. Vaasan Sähkö's and Vaskiluodon Voima's other energy production units will cover the energy production during this time. 
The arranging of plant tours is limited during the shutdown. 

07.03.2017 We have an open position for an automation mechanic.

Read more about the positon here (in finish) or here (in swedish)

18.05.2016 Maintenance shutdown at Westenergy Waste to Energy Plant over

The Westenergy WtoE plant is once more operational after an extensive maintenance shutdown which began in early April. The shutdown was successfully carried out on schedule and production began again on Thursday the 12th of May. This year’s shutdown was lengthier than before due to the considerable modifications that were carried out. The most important change was the recladding of the furnace walls.

The Westenergy WtoE plant was shut down on the 13th of April. During the shutdown, the previous furnace wall coverings and boiler tubing was replaced with new Inconel-clad tubing. Inconel is a metallic coating which protects the tubes and is much more resilient to the challenges posed by heat and impurities than the previously used masonry. With these modifications, we expect considerable improvements in plant availability and energy efficiency.

Another major improvement carried out during the shutdown period was the optimization of the boiler air supply. Further increases in both energy and plant efficiency can be achieved with improved control over the air supply.

In addition to the modifications, the regular scheduled maintenance work was carried out. The waste bunker was also emptied for inspection which showed that it was in good condition.

During the shutdown the waste deliveries were diverted to a temporary storage area but the reception of waste into the bunker resumed again two weeks ago.

The finishing of the boiler insulation and cleaning of the production premises will continue into the end of May but after that our visitors will once again be able to enjoy full plant tours.

According to Westenergy CEO Olli Alhoniemi, “ This year’s maintenance shutdown and all the work carried out during it were an enormous undertaking. Everything was done successfully, as planned, on a very tight schedule. Especially great was the fact that our large team of people speaking different languages and coming from different cultures could achieve this result without any work-related accidents. Not only were we successful in terms of time but also and even more crucially in terms of safety and work atmosphere. Next, we shall begin optimizing our new modifications to raise the availability and efficiency of our plant to a whole new level.”

10.05.2016 Level classification granted by FIOH

Westenergy participates in The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health's Zero Accidents Forum, and has now been granted a level classification. We are on our way to the  top level of occupational safety!

FIOH's press release (in finnish).

21.04.2016 Progress in the service shut down at the Westenergy plant

During the second week of March the service shut down at the Westenergy plant began. It is scheduled to end in the middle of May. This year the service shut down will be longer than usual sue to extensive renovation work, of which the most substantial is the renewing of the furnace walls.

The plant was shut down on March 13th 2016. The insulating brick surface in the furnace has been removed and most of the boiler pipes inside the walls have been renewed. The boiler pipes are renewed according to a thorough plan, one panel at a time is changed and the weldings are controlled with the help of x-ray photographies. The welding work has been very demanding and taken a bit longer than anticipated, but apart from this delay of a few days the project is progressing with good speed.

The boiler pipes will be pressure tested on Saturday 23d of April. The pressure test can confirm that the pipes are not leaking. After this the work will concentrate on the welding of the insulating Inconel-surface.    

Beside the work with the furnace there has also been done adjustments to the primary air flow control system. The work has progressed according to schedule and both mechanical and automation installations have been made. Also the boilers automatic soot removal system has been upgraded and is now to be tested.

During this service stop the bunker has been emptied, something that haven’t been done before. Now the bunker could undergo condition tests, wich confirmed that it is in good condition.

At the moment the service stop engages 40 people, Westenergy’s own personnel not counted. Work is being done at the plant 24/7. Emphasis has been put on safety, especially work safety for the workers, thus accidents have been avoided.

10.03.2016 The service stop at Westenergy’s waste-to-energy plant begins

The Westenergy waste-to-energy plant’s service stop will begin o Sunday march 13th. The service stop will tis year be longer than previous years, it is planned to continue until the middle of May.  

The service stop will this year be remarkably longer due to exsessive alteration work. The most remarkable being the renewale of the furnace walls. The boiler water pipes in the furnace walls are now insultaed with bricks masonry, these will be replaced with more durable pipes cover in an Inconel coating. Inconel is a metal coating  that effectively protects the boiler water pipes and can better withstand the demanding conditions in the furnace, with high temperatures an corrosive emissions. “We took the decision to invest in new furnace walls beacuase the old brick masonry caused problems already during the plats second year of operation. With the alteration work we strive to improve the plants usability and energy efficiency.”, summarizes Westenergy’s Managing Director Olli Alhoniemi.

Another significant alteration that will be implemented during the service stop is the improvement of the air flow system to the furnace.  With this work being done, both he air flow and usage of air in the furnace can be optimized which will improve the energy efficieny and the overall effectiveness of the plant as well as minimize the environmental impacts. 

Because these alteration works are notably larger than previous alterations, the plant will be shut down for up to eight weeks. During this the furnace wall will be dismantled and replaced. The time will be spent well though, because other annual service work will be done during the same shut down.   

During the service stop there will be no electricity nor district heat produced at the plant. Vaskiluodon Voima and Vaasan Sähkö’s other production units will cover the loss. Waste delivieris are not recieved at the plant during this time, the waste will be stored at a temporary storage unit. Because of safety hazards visitor groups are not allowed on the plant during the service stop. But when the plant Is run back up, guest are again welcome to visit the plant in a normal fashion.

22.01.2016 Summer job at Westenergy

Westenergy Oy Ab in Mustasaari is looking for summer temps to the waste-to-energy plant, all in all there are 7-8 vacancies. 
Application form and instructions (in Finnsih and Swedish) can be found here

The application period ends at February 29th. 

06.01.2016 Westenergy’s management system is now certified

Westenergy’s management system, which meets the requirements of the standards for quality (ISO 9001:2015), environmental (ISO 14001:2015) and Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSAS 18001:2008) systems, has now been certified.

A certified management system is a tool with which we are continuously able to improve the quality and cost efficiency of our overall operations. Identified risks can help us to maintain the good health and working ability of our personnel as well as to raise the level of our occupational safety and health program. With the help of the management system we can also control factors that could cause environmental load, for example by preventive actions.

Interest groups are reported about our progress of improvement in quality, environment and occupational health and safety related issues mainly in the annual report. 

02.12.2015 We are now hiring a controller of waste quality

For more info: Avoimet paikat (Finnish)

The application period ends 16.12.2015

21.09.2015 Westenergy arranged open House day for the third time

On Saturday September 19th Westenergy arranged Open House Day. During the event close to 300 people visited the plant, including a lot of families with children.

The Open House Day on Saturday September 19th was the third arranged at Westenergy. The visitors were treated to a versatile program consisting of, for instance, games, exhibitions and guided tours at the plant. The plant tours were favored and almost all of the 14 tours were fully booked. The guided tours, arranged specially for the children, very also very popular. Lakeuden Etappi had arranged transportation from Seinäjoki and the bus was full of eager and interested visitors.

The visitors were also treated to hot waffles and beverages and the younger visitors also were able to try horseback riding on the yard.

”Open House Day is an excellent opportunity for people to get to see what a modern waste-to-energy plant looks like and how it works. The positive response we have gotten from last years Open House Day encouraged us to arrange the same event this year as well.” concludes Westenergys managing director Olli Alhoniemi.  

The event was visited by almost 300 people, which is close to the number of visitors the event had last year. Westenergys plant is open for visitors during other times as well and is annually visited by thousands of people. “The plant is visited by several different type of visitor groups, from kindergarden kids to people from the energy industry and everything in between. The interest for how energy is utilized from waste is widely spread and an event such as open House Day gives everyone, no matter age or profession, a great opportunity to come and see how everything really works here.” Westenergys Communications Officer Josefin Stolpe sums it up.

10.04.2015 Waste is again incinerated at Westenergy

The service stop at Westenergy ended  on Thursday and the plant is once again up and running. 

The Westenergy plnat was rund down for maintanence work in February. When loose bricks in the furnace walls were removed damage was done to the boiler pipes behind the bricks and the service stop had to be prolonged. The plant was run up during APril 5th, but on the night between April 5th and 6th the plant had to be run down again because a leakage int the pipes had been detected.  The leake was repaired and the plant was run up once more on Thursday the 9th. 

Waste transportations are now recieved as normal and at the same time the temporarily stored waste, from the time of the service stop, is sent to the plant.
Guided plant tours will once again be given from the start of next week. 

03.03.2015 The service hold on Westenergy continues

The service hold at Westenergy's waste-to-energy plant, which started in February, will continue for another 3-4 weeks due to damages on the boiler pipes caused during the reparation works.  

The plant was run down on February 14th and the service work started the following Monday. During the reparations further damages in the furnace where discovered. It will take about 3-4 weeks to repair these. The plant will be run back up during Easter week. 

During the service hold neither electricity nor district heat is produced at the plant. Waste transports will not be recieved at the plant during this time and the waste will be led to a temporary storage. Due to safety reasons no visitor groups are allowed at the plant.

03.09.2014 Service halt at the Westenergy Waste-to-Energy plant

The Westenergy Waste-to-Energy plant will be driven down on Thursday the 4th of September, 2014. Repair work of the furnace is conducted during the service halt which is expected to last from one to two weeks.

The service halt starts on Thursday the 4th of September, and the grate will be emptied during the weekend. The repair work starts on Monday the 8th of September.

During the service halt, the brickwork of the furnace will be repaired. The repair work will take at least seven days but the duration of the halt can be estimated more accurately when the work has begun.

The purpose of the brickwork in the walls of the furnace is to protect the water pipes from heat. In the pipes, boiler water becomes steam which is then led to the turbine. The turbine rotates the generator that produces electricity.

During the service halt, waste deliveries are not received at the plant but are guided to a temporary storage area. For safety reasons, plant tours will not be held in the plant during the repair work. In addition, the Open Day event is rescheduled and takes place on the 4th of October, 2014.

23.01.2014 Summer Jobs 2014

We are now looking for summer workers to the Westenergy Waste-to-Energy plant for the summer 2014.

We are looking for 6 employees to substitute the plant operators, 1 - 2 employees for maintenance and 1 person to the office.

You can find more information about the summer jobs here.

14.10.2013 Service Halt in the Westenergy Waste-to-Energy plant

The Westenergy WtE plant is in the annual service halt this week. The service halt is a part of normal operation of the plant, and during the week, the required inspection, maintenance and repair work are carried out in the plant.

During the halt, no electricity or district heat is produced in the plant. Waste deliveries are received but at least in part, they are directed to a temporary storage during the week. For safety reasons, guided plant tours won't be held in the plant during the halt. The plant was run down on the 12th of October, and production starts again by the 21st of October.

17.04.2013 Vaasa's Energy Turn-about - The Climate Act 2012

Vaasan Sähkö, Vaskiluodon Voima and Westenergy were selected as the winners in the Climate Act 2012 competition. Read more.

16.01.2013 Visit the Westenergy Waste-to-Energy plant!

Visitor groups are welcome to the Westenergy Waste-to-Energy plant. Visits, which are free of charge, begin with a general presentation in the auditorium of the administration building and continue with a guided plant tour. During the tour, you can take a peek, for instance, to the grate and to the waste bunker from the control room!

If your group is interested in visiting the plant, please contact the communications officers:

Riina Härkönen

Tel. +358 45 652 0627

Josefin Stolpe

Tel. +358 50 466 4239

22.10.2012 Inauguration of the plant

On Monday the 22nd of August, Minister of Economic Affairs Jyri Häkämies inaugurated Westenergy’s new Waste-to-Energy plant in Mustasaari. The opening speech was held by Westenergy’s Chairman of the Board Håkan Anttila. Read more...

27.09.2012 Appointment news

M.Sc.Eng. Olli Alhoniemi (46) has been appointed Managing Director of Westenergy, starting the 1st of January, 2013. Olli Alhoniemi has a long experience of responsible positions in the Finnish paper industry, and his former employers are, amongst others, Stora Enso, M-Real and Metsä Board. He previously worked as Production Manager at M-Real Kirkniemi papermill, and as Project Manager, Production Manager and Production Director at Metsä Board pulp mill in Kaskinen.

For further information, please call:
Olli Alhoniemi, tel. +358 50 569 3337
Håkan Anttila, Chairman of the Board, tel. +358 500 362 348

27.08.2012 Production of electricity began at Westenergy

On Thursday the 23rd of August, the production of electricity began at the waste-to-energy plant of Westenergy. So far only district heating has been produced in the plant, but on Thursday at 12.49 pm the steam produced in the plant was led to the turbine for the first time. Read more...

15.08.2012 The Commerce Committee visits Westenergy

On Wednesday 15th of August 2012, the Parliament's Commece Committee visits Westenergy.

10.08.2012 Production of district heating started

On Friday 10th of August 2012 the production of district heating started at Westenergy's Waste-to-Energy plant. On Friday about two thirds of the district heating in Vaasa was produced at Westenergy's plant and on Sunday all of Vaasa's district heating came from the Waste-to-Energy plant.

07.08.2012 Waste incineration started on August 6th, 2012

Test incineration process began at the waste-to-energy plant of Westenergy on Monday the 6th of August, 2012 at 3 pm. Test incineration is carried out to ensure that different parts of the machinery in the plant are working as intended. Read more...

09.07.2012 The first waste trucks

On Monday the 9th of July the first truckloads of waste arrived at Westenergy. This was an important step forward for Westenergy and local media as well as the Finnish broadcasting company YLE was invited to the ceremony.

13.05.2012 Open positons

As the contract of the current managing director is expiring, we are now looking for a Managing Director to take over the operations and development of the waste-to-energy plant in Mustasaari. Read more...

30.03.2012 Westenergy connected to the district heating network

On Monday, March 26th 2012, Westenergy was connected to the district heating network in Vaasa.

01.03.2012 FAT for control room automation

FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) for the control room automation system has been successfully conducted during January and February in Tampere. The equipment deliveries have already started and the cable work will start at the beginning of March.

28.02.2012 Open positions

We are currently looking for an environmental engineer to our plant in Mustasaari. Read more...

06.02.2012 Open positions

We are currently looking for two communications officers.