For schools

 School groups are, of course, just as welcome at our plant as other groups! During a visit the children get to know WHAT a Waste-to-Energy plant is and WHY it's needed.

The visits are planned to be both educational and appropriate to the childrens age. The size of the group is also taken into consideration. The visits contain a short "lesson" in one of our auditoriums as well as a guide plant tour. You will get to take a peak into both the waste bunker as well as into the furnace, which surely is the highlight of the visit! 

The optimal size of the group is 20 persons. But, as long as you give us time to plan we are known to be quite flexible
The visits are held in three languages, Finnish, Swedish and English. So if you would like to visit us with a "language bath" class, or as a part of the schools language education, this can also be arranged. 

More information about the visits and possible visit times you can get per email from our Commications Officer
(Sanna Hautamaa, 
Please remember to add information about the size of the group, language, visit times that are suit the group best
and other wishes you may have about the visit.
We will contact you as soon as possible!



Follow the waste's journey from your home to our plant!